Communicating Arts Credit Union offers you savings and better access to your account with more Surcharge-free ATMs. In addition to the Alliance One Selective Surcharging Network, Communicating Arts cardholders can use MoneyPass Network ATMs without a surcharge.

 Click here for a complete list of Alliance One participants, searchable by city, state, zip code.  You'll find surcharge-free access at more than 4,400 ATMs in 42 states. Please note: For ATMs that are in the Alliance One Selective Surcharging Network, there may be references to surcharges. This does not apply to Communicating Arts Credit Union cardholders. 

 Click here to connect to the MoneyPass Network website to discover locations of ATMs that are convenient to you.  In the Greater Cincinnati region, many can be found at US Bank retail banking centers.  Please note: Beginning April 15, 2015, the Money Pass Network will begin to permit your CACU Debit MasterCard transactions without prompting for a surcharge fee. If the machine prompts for the fee, you may accept the fee and continue your transaction knowing that CACU will reimburse the fee to your account later that day.

 The surcharge-free arrangement we have had with PNC Bank will be ending in early May 2015. Beginning May 1, 2015, the PNC Bank ATM machines will begin to phase out the surcharge free option on your CACU Debit MasterCard transactions and will prompt you to accept a surcharge fee.

PULSE or Star Network ATMs network transaction fees - Communicating Arts Checking Account holders will not be charged a network transaction fee.  Accounts with Savings-only will be charged the followng network transaction fees:  STAR Network ATMs will result in a 50-cent fee; STAR Network ATMs that do not display the PULSE logo are part of a national network and may result in a $1.50 fee. To report a lost or stolen ATM/Check Card contact our office. During non-business hours call (800) 528-2273.